Luton Children Services Stop Forced Adoptions - We want our children back!

Luton Children Services Stop Forced Adoptions - We want our children back!

3 May 2022
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Stop Forced Adoptions - We want our children back!

“The Ofsted rated inadequate Luton children services and Luton family courts are working hand in hand to force adoptions, separate families and keep children in care for longer than necessary without review”.

A peaceful demonstration will take place outside of Luton Town Hall, George Street, Luton, LU1 2BQ on Tuesday 11th May 2022 at 11am to 2pm.         

Families across Luton are suffering in silence because of the inadequate decisions of Luton children services who are breaching statutory assessments timescales and in effect making up their own local rules and dismissing complaints from parents and advocates. 

Luton children services are setting families up to fail, routinely giving false hope, making contact arrangements difficult between child/ren in care and biological parent(s) for no good reason, and as a result working against families and children; the very people they are supposed to serve and protect.

Luton children services are not providing all parents with training and support in order to strengthen their ability to care for their children.   This goes against the Children’s Act 1989 which places a statutory duty on the local authority to support children and families to remain together and take into consideration their wishes and feelings.  The consequence of not doing this adds to the national tax-payers’ debt, resulting in local authorities across the country spending £9.93 billion on children social care in 2019/20[i].

Quote from a Luton mum:

 “I’ve jumped through the hoops, been open to working in partnership and done everything they’ve asked me to do, to the best of my ability. Several years on, and nothing, they refuse to give my children back with no reason why, and there’s no risk of harm or neglect.  It’s like the State has kidnapped my children!” 

We are encouraging members of the public to sign this petition and attend the peaceful demonstration to show their support against the unequal working practices of Luton children services, and the family courts, and the negative impact this has on children, families and the wider community in Luton.

We are calling for an independent review of Luton children services and a review of all open cases where children are at risk of forced adoption and stuck in the social care system and their parents want them back.   

For more information about the event, please visit 

 Facebook: @SFALuton 

[1] Children’s social care services in England, published – 12 March 2021,

Thank you for your time in reading this and your support in signing the petition.

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Signatures: 121Next Goal: 200
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