Protect the Vauxhall Way trees

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The trees and hedgerows alongside Vauxhall Way in Luton face the threat of destruction in plans to make Vauxhall way a dual carriageway. They form an important part of the local environment and deserve to be granted a Tree Preservation Order by the council's planning department.

Some of the trees at the Northern end have already been lost to associated works, the rest can be saved.

This mile-long corridor of green space is important as it provides great visual enhancement to the area, both for road users and the residents who live alongside it, who are shielded from the sight and sound of the road.

The corridor also contributes to the local ecology greatly, with the many flowering trees and hedges supporting diverse insect life and providing nesting sites for birds. Deer have even been spotted foraging in the woodland. Without it the biodiversity of the area would be lost forever.

In the town rated the worst in the country for air quality in 2019, we need more trees, not fewer, to ensure the health of local residents by reducing the levels of air pollution from traffic emissions.

Preservation of these trees is in line with the council's declaration of a Climate Emergency. Destruction of these trees would show that the council's declaration is meaningless.

An application to protect these trees will be submitted to the Council, this petition will be included as evidence of the public support behind it.