Petition To Stop the proposed Luton Red routes In Marsh Rd, Leagrave Rd & Dunstable Rd.

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What is the issue?

As Many of you are aware Luton Borough Council Have decided to implement a red route scheme around Luton. Specific areas which are of high concern are Marsh Road, Leagrave Road & Dunstable Road.The new proposal aims to fine anyone who parks on these red routes at any time. Clearly local businesses around leagrave and marsh road aswell as dunstable road will be at disruption from this new scheme.

How Could I help?

We urge you to sign this petition and share it to as many people as you can to stop the new red routes. With enough signatures we are aiming to raise this issue to Luton Borough Council to stop the red routes to coming into effect.  A goal of 500 signatures has to be achieved for consideration.


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