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Make ANTIFA an illegal terrorist organization in Alabama

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We The People Of Alabama come forward with this petition as voters and tax payers telling you we do not want these groups of individuals known as ANTIFA, (antifascist, SURJ, Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance, Black Lives Matter, Burn iDownThe American Plantation,Redneck Revolt,BAMN,PSM,New Black Panther Party, Take em down,John Brown Gun Club,Pro-Communist) or any group which has spawned from them) operating within our state. They have wreaked havok all over the United States trying to spread communism and trying to rip our country apart from the core, over 200 arrested rioting on Presidential Inauguration day alone. Now they are calling for the deaths of all whites, they are in the streets with pepper spray,freely spraying women, children even the disabled. Hospitalizing citizens for simply supporting the president and obeying the laws. There burning things in the streets and busting windows out of businesses, making homemade explosives with glass bottles, nails, and M-80 fireworks. Blocking traffic in violent street protests, and we the taxpayers pay for the damages.You may say no,there not in Alabama but the brawl at Auburn University tells a different story. Birmingham is telling a different story as they seek refuge there.They cover their faces and wear all black and they attack often even burning flags,and recruiting at LBGTQ rallies under the funding of crooked Democrats,now transgenders are fighting in the streets under the Antifa flag.Living around the "sanctuary city" of Birmingham seeking asylum with gangs and the New Black Panther Party. They've been seen setting up shop around Gadsden, Athens, and UNA in the Florence area. This become much more so when Tennessee banned Antifa from there colleges. Now in Hamburg, Germany at the G 20 summits they have placed our First Lady Melania Trump in harm's way with many other world leaders wives and they couldn't even leave the hotels because their safety couldnt be guaranteed, they've about torn the city down injurying people including police officers. This is not what Alabamians want. The voters and tax payers want safe and stable streets and colleges, we don't even want to be a hub state for these people to live in while they terrorize other states. Boston Antifa is still calling for removal of monuments in the south, along with Philadelphia Antifa, Florida Antifa on social media outlets, Our Monument in Huntsville, Mr. Odem is calling on elected officials to help break the law because $25,000 can be made, if you clearly look at the first petition they were aligned with SURJ Antifa, and is nothing more than antifa bullys calling for illegal tactics at best, New Orleans Antifa is now calling for the removal of Andrew Jackson Monuments, John Brown Gun Club/Redneck Revolt Antifa is calling for removal of the Lincoln Memorial, they are terrorists and Alabama should be of no concern to any of these terrorists groups, we want no part of them on our hallowed soil or their removal of any American History, be no part of communist or home grown terrorism. We would like to ask that you outlaw these people from Alabama.

         Thank you all for your time.


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