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LUSH at Viera, Florida

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LUSH Cosmetics Ltd. is an innovative cosmetics brand dedicated to the rightful treatment of animals and use of ethical ingredients. Their products are environmentally sound and of very high caliber and their countess inventions make their brand so lovable. LUSH gave us the first bath bomb, an invention that anyone who has taken a relaxing bath is extremely thankful for. Their company is very intent on growing awareness for issues happening all over the world, such as the extreme mistreatment of women in third world countries. Their product line appeals to kids and adults alike, combining the whimsical with the practical.

My family and I - as well as many of my friends - have been huge fans of LUSH for countless years. Shopping at LUSH was a big part of my childhood. My mom used to purchase bath bombs to keep my sisters and I entertained when we took baths as young children. Unfortunately, since we've moved from Los Angeles - which is pretty much the LUSH capitol of the United States - to Viera, Florida, being able to shop at LUSH has proven itself to be quite difficult. The closest LUSH is an hour away in Orlando, and with two working parents and no additional cars, it’s not often that we get the chance to go. Sure, there’s always the online order option, but anyone who’s shopped at a LUSH knows that by ordering online you miss the whole experience. Going to LUSH gives one the same sense of wonder that a child going to Disney World for the first time has. Everything smells nice, there are several fun things to look at and try, and furthermore, you can take out the guess work that comes with trying to stay cruelty-free. Visiting LUSH is truly a luxury, which is exactly the reason we need one closer to us.

Viera is a brand new development in the heart of Melbourne, Florida. It is a beautiful town full of economic opportunity and a chance for growth. Its residents watch countless new structures being erected, new shops opening, and the expansion of businesses. The population of varies from a young generation of beauty and health bloggers to an older group who love to treat themselves to healthy ways to reflect upon their own youth. Furthermore, much of the population's income is substantial enough that they are able and willing to splurge on affordable, quality products such as an vegan bar of soap or a fun, fizzy bath bomb. 

Luckily for any business attempting to start a new location, Viera is the perfect place to do so. With new plazas and lots opening up, it isn’t hard to find the space you need to run a successful shop. As stated on the Viera Company website, “The future is bright for the businesses and families that call Viera home.” I urge LUSH Cosmetics Ltd. to become a part of our community.

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