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Backyard Chickens in Lumberton NJ

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On June 14, we received a letter from Lumberton Township, requesting to have our chickens removed from our property within 10 days. The township said they were not permitted. However, we have been in the same house for almost two years, had these chickens just as long, and nothing was ever said before. We took all the necessary steps at the beginning of our journey into chicken keeping by calling the township to speak with someone about what was allowed. After leaving several messages on their voicemail, we decided to go in person up to the township building. No one could answer our questions. Seeing as how a neigh down the street has chickens and no one seems to give any care to our questions, we started putting work into making the space amazing for our birds. We built houses for them, shade.... a place to be 'free range' but not completely be all over the place. And then the call was made...

First off, we cannot control the weather. This certain person complained about the smell. The call was made after we had had three days of nonstop rain and then a couple days of extreme heat and humidity. Of course there is going to be a smell. The neighbor that lives the closest to us has never complained of a smell and we talk to him on a fairly regular basis!

Whoever did this is obviously being vindictive. They have now made us get rid of family members, my son's therapy pets (he has autism, ADHD, OCD and sensory processing disorder), my husband's sense of peace, and our freedom to live as organically as possible. 

Even if it's too late for us, I would like to request that everyone that believes we should be able to have backyard chickens, sign this petition. It will help so many people in the future. We have a right to eat healthy and know where our food is coming from. If we didn't have local farmers and homesteads, we would have nothing! Please support the cause. Let's stand united as one. 

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