LuLaRoe owes us our refund checks

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Consultants have been waiting for months for their refund checks.  Why haven’t they gotten paid?

To get a little back history, please see the links below. From the 100% buy back policy and how the consultants were told it wasn't going anywhere, then approx 5 months later LuLaRoe changed it back to 90% policy.  LuLaRoe called the 100% buyback policy a temporary waiver after switching back and claimed it was never supposed to be permanent, but you will find where LuLaRoe called it a policy 4 times in one paragraph and never said it was temporary. You will find the facts taken from emails and the weekly webinar calls from the close captioned doc.  Recanting is a common practice that LuLaRoe is known for.

LuLaRoe consultants who decided to exit the business were first told in April, 2017 that there was a 100% buyback plus LLR would also pay for shipping.  Please click on this link to see an excerpt from the weekly webinar from the close captioned doc.

Two of the top mentors of the company (Meagan Parker & Kim Roylance) posted that the 100% buy back wasn't going anywhere.

On Sept 2017 LuLaRoe claims that the 100% buyback was only a temporary waiver and was going back to the 90% buy back policy.  Please read all the way to the bottom where you will see LuLaRoe called the 100% buy back a "policy" FOUR times and no mention of it being a temporary waiver.

Upon resigning you had a choice to either sell your inventory on your own or return it to LLR.  When you fill out the proper forms with what you would like to send back LuLaRoe will send you an email such as this one, either accepting or rejecting your inventory.

Once you pack up your inventory and send it back, LuLaRoe must inspect it according to their requirements and deem what is resaleable.  

Unfortunately there have been many who sent back the approved garments, in brand new condition, perfect hangtags, packaged and folded neatly and didn't get credit for those pieces.  There is no rhyme or reason for this and there is no budging on the final amount they give you. Once they have your clothes they can do whatever they want with them. Creating fear amongst many in discouraging them from sending back any inventory.  

It's stated once LLR has it, they will not send it back.  It's a game of Russian Roulette. A few pieces here and there won't hurt anyone right?  But when it's done on a massive scale it adds up and there is nothing that is being done.  If this has happened to you please comment below.

Once they have gone through this very long process, they will send you an email stating what they are accepting, what they are rejecting and what the final check amount will be.

The problem is that there is no mention as to how long it will take to get our money.  Once we receive the confirmation email from LLR with the final amount, you just sit and play the waiting game.  Unfortunately many have surpassed 90 days and are still wondering if or when they are going to get their money.

LuLaRoe states that the checks will be processed according to when their inventory arrived.  After doing some research we are finding out that isn’t true at all. There are many who have been waiting since Dec but people who have Feb dates are already getting their checks.  How is it possible that confirmation emails from Dec. 2017 haven’t been processed but February and March dates have? This is from the same company whose mantra is “We’ve got your back”.  Nothing is ever what we are told it is. They are consistently inconsistent and make up rules as they go along.

Many were counting on this money to buy Christmas gifts for their children.  Only to fall on deaf ears. All the while LuLaRoe threw an extravagant Christmas Party for the top sellers at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Beach.  How does a company, who preaches the culture of blessing lives and strengthen families not pay the very people who help build their company? How does a company continue to ignore these former consultants who have bills to pay and a family to support?  How does a company who is constantly releasing new styles AND are having huge events where retailers get to shop both of their warehouses and dig through bins of inventory, not have the money to pay these refunds? LuLaRoe has not followed it’s own teachings, where they tell their consultants that customer service is the root of all business.  The lack of communication, stall tactics and excuses would astound even a person who has never heard of LuLaRoe.

These women have followed LuLaRoe’s guidelines by returning their inventory according to LuLaRoe’s requirements in good faith that they would be receiving their refund checks in the same manner.  Unfortunately that has not happened. Keep in mind there are many who were told in their emails that their checks will be going out within two weeks. When LuLaRoe has been called regarding this, their response is that the email was a mistake.  Would that hold up court if you have an email stating that your check would go out in two weeks and that was months ago?

We are asking ALL former consultants to please fill out this survey, whether you returned your inventory or not we need your help.

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This information will be turned over to the FTC, Attorney General’s Office of California as well as legal council and news outlets across the nation in hopes to receiving all monies owed.  

LuLaRoe continues to ignore us, while they have no problem getting paid and throwing parties and all expense paid trips at their ranch for a few chosen top people of the company.  Where is the justice?

In case you haven’t read the latest article on LuLaRoe, here is the link to Bloomberg Businessweek release on April 27, 2018



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