LLR-Bring Back Bobby And Taya Budenbender

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TO LLR Home Office,

   We, customers for your company, are asking that you bring back Bobby and Taya Budenbender! Many of us have heard of, or seen, the video in which people are claiming that Bobby B. was making fun of individuals with Down Syndrome. He in fact was not. He was making fun of himself. He never made any derogatory comments about special needs individuals at all. Furthermore, there was no mention of Down Syndrome ever.

  Bobby and Taya are some of the kindest, most gentle, and loving individuals that represent your company, or in this world, for that matter. They give back to those less fortunate on a routine basis. They do so because they want to..they enjoy helping others. They do it because they are GOOD people, inside and out. They would never say or do anything, that would offend or hurt anyone, at anytime, on purpose.

  Everyone in this world, at some point in their lives, has said or done something that has hurt someone else, or offended them. People have different things they are sensitive about, or get offended about. It can happen to anyone. When this happens, the correct thing to do, is apologize. Bobby and Taya have apologized repeatedly, and profusely. Their apologies were genuine and heartfelt.

  This world has become full of bullies, who are quick to stand back, and point out the faults of others. We have to remember that when we are pointing at others, three fingers are pointing right back at us! Bobby is aware of the fact that his comment was offensive to others, and he has done his level best to make amends for that, even though he never intended to hurt anyone. Every human makes mistakes..no one is perfect.

  We ask that you lift this suspension, and allow them to get back to their business. We the customers miss them. We support them. You, as a company are losing money as well. There are many of us who will not shop with anyone but them, and we will not shop until they are back. There have been many issues with your reps, as of late, displaying insensitive remarks or behaviors. None of them were suspended; so why were Bobby and Taya? You cannot have double standards, and punish one consultant for "insensitive" behavior, when you have not punished the others.

  This family has been through enough. They are being publicly bashed all over social media. They are being threatened and bullied. Their followers and customers are being bullied and threatened, for simply standing up for what is right and fair. These are wonderful, loving people. They do not deserve this treatment, or backlash that is happening to them. They have a family to support. On top of that, they just had a death in the family as well. Why would you pour out more pain onto them?

  Please LLR, as a company, stand up and do what is right! Bring back Bobby and Taya. We support them. We pray for them. We hold them in high esteem. We KNOW they would never hurt another human being intentionally. And we know they have paid too high of a price already, for something that was never meant to belittle or offend anyone to begin with.

Thank you

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