Help my venture to spread literacy for my Indonesia

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5 May of 2018, I was trying build a venture that I by myself get burden because of the low-literacy aspect of my environment. I decided to inviting my friends who concern about literacy elevate of Indonesian young generation. Some of my friends interested in ideas, so we spread our campaigne start from friend to friend. But, until now we hard in our struggle to spread our virus literacy in other huge level communities.

We are university students of UIN Alauddin Makassar, Indonesia who go down to the real sight of our society, students who care to our people by seeing our people by give them capability of reading. Read books, teach kids and some of character building program that we're trying to set it up.  

Our observation about the low of literacy of our people is just because of the no-opportunities they have and face, it's really need our care hands and sympaty for elevate their literacy and modern sight of kbowledege throught book. We believe that book can change and structuralize our mind and change our life condition in better. We know it's hard but nothing is hard without we share care and help people together.

Your care and generosity will build our people and our global society

We will use the donation by print signature petition banner and others teaching's stuff amount 500 dollars for several items program, travel accomodation cost to other communities and events amount 500 dollars in set of program, and also we buy books and rent house of venture amount 1000 dollars.

And also your contribution will use by charity for orphanage and kids who need our helping hands. All about our venture you can found here: and Facebook: Salaja Pustaka

Thank you dearly for your concern and kind heart for support.