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Petitioning Luke Ravenstahl

Come out in support of marriage equality.

DOMA is not only discriminatory but it is also unconstitutional as it infringes upon the right of millions of individuals "pursuit of happiness" as we are promised in the Preamble to the Constitution. Please sign this if you support marriage equality and show Mayor Ravenstahl that it is time to be courageous and take a stand.

Letter to
Luke Ravenstahl
Mayor Ravenstahl, the legislature that was passed during President Clinton's term which was later know as DOMA is not only unconstitutional but it was a blatant act of institutional discrimination. Many LGBT couples who love each other not only are not granted the same tax rights as heterosexual couples but are also discriminated against with regards to spousal rights when they attempt to visit their loved ones in the hospital since their relationship is not formally recognized by the federal government as being valid.
Nine states one being the most populous (NY) have granted equal marital rights to LGBT couples. This in an of itself is a sign that support for equal marriage rights is part of a growing trend. Please have the courage to stand up for LGBT members of the greater Pittsburgh area and support marriage equality.

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