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Residents For a Cova Playground

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I recently received a letter in the mailbox regarding the withdrawal of the Cova playground proposal. As I understand it a petition was raised which voiced concerns over the position of the playground. Frasers property do not appear to have made any formal response to this petition or clarification other than withdrawing the playground proposal. No consideration appears to have been given to an alternative location for the playground.

 It may pay to remind ourselves why playgrounds are beneficial to communities and why “a playground has always been considered in the Cova masterplan”

 - Playgrounds provide crucial and vital opportunities for children to play they promote different types of play which are vital for a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development.

- Playgrounds provide a safe environment designed specifically to foster and enhance the opportunities for a child to play alone, with a caregiver, or with other children.

- Playgrounds also provide a means for social interaction for adults.

- For the Cova community this means- playgrounds offer an opportunity to meet other families for play-dates as well as provide a perfect place for meeting new people who bring their children to the park.

 - I, as I’m sure a lot of other parents in Cova would the love the opportunity to walk our children out the of the house to a playground.

 - Playgrounds offer benefits for people of all ages to interact with their children and those whom they love thus improving everyone’s overall quality of life. 

In view of the above benefits I find it disappointing that Frasers property compare initiatives such as the “book swap” to a children’s playground. The “live life get active” is a great initiative however a playground would serve a greater portion of the Cova population for the reasons discussed above at all times of the day.

Given the importance of play in the development of a child, any space which gives a child free reign to do just that should be seen as a crucial component of our community. If a playground is not too be installed what equivalent initiative will be implemented for the benefit of our community in line with the masterplan? If there isn’t one what steps can be taken to reinstate the playground proposal?

The future development space (east of cova bean) is an ideal location and is central to the community.

Please support this petition if you wish to reinstate the playground proposal

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