Establish tough and mandatory sentences for people who make threats/hoaxes to create fear.

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It is becoming a common occurrence that people find joy in causing fear and angst for others. This latest speight of Bomb threats and online threats of shootings to create fear for not only adults but young children is unacceptable. 

Anyone who thinks it is funny or ok to perpetrate such a hoax or threat should not get off lightly. Too often we hear of people getting slaps on the wrists for committing crimes and it has to stop. And to create fear amongst many, especially young primary age children is unacceptable. 

I want to see a deterrent that makes people think twice about doing such acts. Let’s create a severe and mandatory punishment that not only deters some people from committing these acts but severely punishes the ones who do and are caught. It’s time to stop accepting bad behaviour from both adults and kids. We need to create consequences that these people have to live with. Something severe that actually deters them. Innocent people should not be living with fear whilst these perpetrators get off lightly. 

Lets stop walking on egg shells around people who cause so much fear in our society. Let’s start making changes to punish those responsible and deter others from following this path.