Independent Review Into Child Protection Bendigo

Independent Review Into Child Protection Bendigo

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On July 8th 2019, my Grandson was taken by Child Protection and place into Out of Home Care for the fourth time in his four small years. For the fourth time his Paternal Family was not informed or contacted and only learnt of this from other sources.

We immediately put our hands up to care for him, and when ignored asked why ? The answer was because I lived in a two bedroom flat and because I did not have the welfare of the drug addict mother as a priority.

In October the child's father came to live with me and we went about completing Child Protections requests in order to be considered as competent to care for him. 

In December we were given my Grandson with strict conditions which his father followed to the T. What we didn't realise was that his Case Worker was adamant that he would return to care, and that he would go to any lengths to secure this.

He frequently bullied us, made unreasonable requests about taking my Grandson to stay with other people every 2nd weekend, as well as medical appointments, dental appointments and mental health appointments, kindergarten and  all the while why we tried to live as normal a life as possible. But we did it! On February 28th my Grandson was taken away on the grounds of Child Abuse. 

No formal interview was held, the police refused to get involved as there was no evidence, and we were publicly humiliated in court when this same Child Protection Officer included these claims in his order to have my Grandson removed.

I promise you all my son would never  and never did hurt his little boy!

Every night my Grandson would say "Love you to the moon and back" and every night his Dad would respond "to the Stars and Galaxy too son."

Seven times we lodged complaints about this Officer and I believe this was his ultimate revenge.

Please sign the petition to have an independent review of my Grandson case. According to their own complaint line my Grandsons name does not even appear in their data bank. My Grandson had no Independent Support at his interview, and we were told that it was just an informal chat, until we got to court that is.

The Child Protection Officer stated the information came from my Grandson, yet this was the same information that came from my Grandson two days prior after a visit with his mum, but the perpetrator was her boyfriend when he told us. I smell a rat!

Please sign the petiton to support us, please pass it on to anyone who has also been treated unfairly by Child Protection. I acknowledge they have a job to do, but they should not be allowed to abuse their power . 

Senator Luke Donnellan is the Minister for Child Protection he can organise an Independent Review, Senator Nick Wakeling is the Shadow Minister for Child Protection, he can make sure Luke Donnellan does the right thing, Senator Pauline Hanson, Derryn Hinch and Jacquie Lambie have the power to make this happen.

If we are declared innocent we will save my Grandson, if we lose he is lost to Foster care forever. Please make this happen!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!