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Cameron County Needs to Stand Up to Animal Abusers!

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Cameron County elected law enforcement officials are turning a blind eye to animal abuse.

#1. In the summer of 2015, private rescuers learned about a hoarding situation (that included and vet confirmed, sodomy of a puppy) in Rio Hondo. Rio Hondo PD worked tirelessly in conjunction with the Harlingen Humane Society to build a case against these hoarders. When the team (yes team, including HHS staff, Rio Hondo PD, EMS and city crews, as well as some private rescuers) raided the property, they seized almost 50 animals, all in horrendous states of health and even began to find carcasses of animals strewn throughout the property. Harlingen Humane Society, Laguna Madre Humane Society and private rescuers banded together to find temporary housing for these neglected and abused animals, as well as provided them with life saving health services. 

D.A. Luis Saenz chose not to prosecute the woman responsible and nothing ever happened to her.

#2. September 2017, a puppy (nicknamed by his saving grace, Phoenix) was burned on 25% of his body with scalding hot cooking oil. His 'owners' claim the burn was accidental and caused by their neighbors. (At this point, any sane person would rush their animal to the vet  for life saving medical attention.) However, because Phoenix's 'owners' claim they're poor, they let him suffer for 4 days with these burns! They did however use a cream purchased out of the country and this is what Sheriff Omar Lucio considers 'care.' When the owners realized how bad of condition Phoenix was in (you know, his skin burned off) they got a neighbor to take him to Brownsville Animal Control! It was there that the amazing shelter manager came to his rescue and called in reinforcements. Phoenix is currently in the care of the Harlingen Humane Society and experiencing love for the first time in his short life. 

Sheriff Omar Lucio will not file charges because he claims these 'owners'/abusers attempted to care for him. (If this was a child, it would be a different story.) 

The RGV has a disgusting mentality that animals are mere property and you can do whatever you please with them. (Case #1 sodomize a puppy or case #2 not seek medical attention in a life or death emergency.) The other misconception is "I'm poor, I can't help it." We see people on social media daily using websites like Go Fund Me, selling their possessions, holding a bake sale/plate fundraiser or simply asking for donations to pay a vet bill. Where there's a will, there's a way. No vet would turn away this precious animal in need of medical care because the owner couldn't pay; they might take ownership of the animal but they would not slam the door in their face.

Sheriff Lucio and D.A. Saenz, it's time you stand up for the citizens of Cameron County and put an end to this abuse. Enough is enough!


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