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Luis Ricardo Hernandez deserves leniency and/or dismissal of these charges

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This young man does NOT deserve life imprisonment for trying to protect his safety and the safety of others from a criminal. He is a good person. He is a great father, a son, and brother.



Police are considering charges against the man they say pulled the trigger on a burglary suspect. San Jose police detectives met with the District Attorney Wednesday to decide what to do. The incident happened at an apartment that has been a repeated target for crimes.Tenants at the Summer Breeze apartments in San Jose recognized Hernandez as a friendly custodian who did handy work.

"Yeah, he is a good guy," said tenant Lupe Huete.

But now Hernandez is facing possible murder charges after telling police he shot and killed Soriano in the underground garage after trying to detain him. "We know it was precipitated by what the shooter believed to be an auto burglary either occurring or about to occur," said San Jose Police Sgt. Jason Dwyer.

The garage is supposed to be secure, but residents have reported a string of car burglaries.

"Well we lived here for quite a bit, and we had my truck broken into three times," said tenant Ed Flores.

The gate was working Wednesday night, but residents say it's been broken and left open in the past leaving their cars vulnerable.

"In the past, we used to have really good security in this place. But lately it has disappeared," said Huete.

Police admit burglaries are on the rise in San Jose and their response times are lagging, but they do not recommend confronting a burglar, even though the law allows you to intervene.

"Unless it's absolutely necessary, we prefer if the community would just be a good witness and provide us with as much information as possible," said Dwyer.

"I can't say whether he's a hero or a criminal. I personally wouldn't use a gun myself. It's really not the right thing to do because it's a lose-lose situation," said another tenant.

Now it's up the district attorney to decide if this is a case of a justified killing or a murder.


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