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Re- Evaluate the decision to strip Curie HS of City Title with Due Process and Parental Participation.

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On Friday, February 21, 2014 Curie Boys Basketball Team won the Chicago Public Schools City Basketball Championship. Less than one week later the Chicago Public Schools System stripped the title claiming academic issues from the beginning of the season.  CPS officials went on public record acknowledging that adults ultimately let the children down. What CPS failed to mention is that the CPS school system let our boys down. CPS fails to mention the numerous, horrendous bylaw violations that they committed. CPS also fails to mention that they allowed our boys to play all season and then hours before the championship game, based on a suspicious tip, launch a hurried investigation. CPS has not mentioned that no parents have been involved in this process at all. CPS chose the big dollars over the dignity of our student-athletes as though they are disposable commodities.

The Chicago Public Schools Administration used the biggest game on the City’s largest stage as the backdrop to humiliate, destroy the dignity, honor and integrity of Curie students, coaches and supporters.  CPS has used its army of lawyers and high level administration to intimidate while shifting blame and penalties to the student-athletes.


 CPS has publically acknowledged that it was the actions or inactions of adults that ultimately failed our student–athletes, yet CPS has punished the student-athletes.  CPS knew or should have known the status of every student-athlete before the basketball season started. Apparently these student-athletes were cleared to participate in competition.  CPS has violated its own bylaws according to the Chicago Public Schools Manual. CPS has not met with the parents and appropriate representatives to discuss a resolution given the gross negligence and harm caused to the student-athletes involved. 


Curie High School supporters will not go down quietly. We will fight until our honor and reputations are restored.  We will not allow all the hard work that every Curie Condor; Current, Past and Future have done to be flushed down a corrupt drain.




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