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End Shark Finning in Costa Rica

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Every year, an estimated 100 million sharks are brutally murdered for their fins. Shark fin soup is a delicacy in many places, primarily China. Fishermen catch these sharks, pull them onto their boats, and hack their fins off. This is usually done on a shark that is still alive. After they get what they want, they toss the shark's body into the ocean. The shark is left to float down, as they no longer have any fins to swim. They're left to either bleed out, or drown (since they cannot swim and sharks must be constantly moving to keep oxygen through their lungs). After they're laying dead on the ocean floor, fish gather to eat the shark. Costa Rica is responsible for 400,000 shark fins being exported in 2011. That makes Costa Rica one of the biggest exporters for shark fins that there is. We need to take a stand against this cruel act. Let's put an end to shark finning! We won't stop at Costa Rica. One day, the whole world will do away with shark finning.

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