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The LUHSD school board is voting on how they will govern cheerleading as a sport. They are voting between three options: however, none of these options would allow us to continue to compete in TCC (Traditional Competition Cheerleading) Nationals. We are proposing that they find a resolution that allows our teams to still continue to compete in traditional competition cheer nationals. We understand competitions are expensive and we are willing to continue to fundraise for those costs. Why should we keep traditional competition cheer? I think a great friend of mine, Leon Reynolds, sums it up best. "We do not make it easy, if anything it is our job description to do the exact opposite of that. We invite failure 1000 times until the skill is perfected and once mastery is achieved we introduce the next progressions which creates only more failure. They are pushed to become stronger both mentally and physically. They learn to identify an obstacle then overcome it through hard work. They learn to focus and perform under the most extreme pressures. They learn the value of working together as a group to create something bigger than themselves.........basically they are learning how to win not only in their sport, but in life. This lesson is more valuable than any coin, trinket, or trophy. At the end of it all it is the most valuable thing we can provide to each athlete." Competition cheerleading is not only a great way to promote general health and wellbeing but it also teaches valuable life skills, such as: Leadership , Communication, Discipline, Time Management, and Sportsmanship. It allows cheerleaders to be seen by college coaches and have the opportunity to receive scholarships. We appreciate that CIF has made Cheerleading a sport and we hope to work with our school district to  find a compromise that benefits everyone. 

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LUHSD board members will be voting on March 8th.

If you want to do more to help our cause please write a letter to LUHSD, the high school principals, and the athletic directors, and post #SAVECOMPCHEER on social media.

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