We demand decent customer service from Lufthansa

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I along with many other Lufthansa passengers, am appalled by the extremely poor customer service from Lufthansa. They take our money, make us pay extra, delay our vacation by 6 days, but don't pay us back the compensation of our loss. Offer us less that our extra expenses! And not to mention the extremely rude staff!

Is this right, should they be allowed to behave like this??

Are too many politicians in their pockets, too many greedy shareholders? I/we want answers to why they put their customers through all this distress and do pretty much nothing about it?

They stole $2500, 6 vacation days, my little boy had an asthma attack from all the stress traveling 50+ hours. NO compassion or help whatsoever.

Sign this petition please, so they can't do this other people!


copy of our complaint letter to Lufthansa:


Faroe Islands 27/12-2016

We are hereby sending in our complaint for the most outrageous trip we have ever had, since we started flying to Houston in 2008 with Lufthansa.
Booking numbers: YNUIII Hoegni Harryson
YSMQFI Aleksandur Harryson and Thorgrim Harryson
For your information, this complaint and answers will be open to the public and posted widely. So think good and hard about your reply, no fluff answers will do here.
Check-in to LH441 from Houston to Frankfurt, departure 15:50. After about 90 min sitting in the plane, we are told the flight had been cancelled due to a faulty valve. Strangely enough, none available in Houston, had to get one from Germany (maybe worth looking at spare parts policy). Sent back home, had to spend hours on the phone with Lufthansa, to be rebooked. However the only tickets you had to offer was on the 18/12-16 BA194, Houston-London and BA814 London-Copenhagen.
After hours in line for check-in, we are told by British Airways that these tickets have been transferred back to Lufthansa, very unhelpful staff as well. We go back to the Lufthansa counter, but we are told that in their system, we are still booked on British Airways (12 other passengers in the same situation as us). We are told they have no room for us, as BOTH planes are OVERBOOKED. How could this even happen??? We bought our tickets in the spring and summer 2016. As we are, so should you, Lufthansa, be very interested in knowing, how this could even happen!
We got the choice to be rebooked via British Airways or Air Canada. Since our bad experience with Brithish Airways, we took our chances on Air Canada AC7714, as we could not afford to lose another 2 days, so close to Christmas. Worst thing is that our youngest boy, at this point, has lost faith that he will see his mother for Christmas, and breaks down crying. Other stranded passengers try to comfort him, while we try to get rebooked.
Back to the airport, check in at Air Canada, however AC7714 is arriving 1:30 min late. Because of this, we did not make our connecting flight AC882 from Canada to Copenhagen. We had to fight to get rebooked on another flight. We are finally rebooked on AC858 to London and SK504 London - Copenhagen. Also had to pretty much fight to get a hotel in Toronto, they were seriously considering letting us spend the night at the airport! We finally got a hotel and a $10 voucher for food pr person, however they had no meal for that kind of money! Later this night our little boy, Thorgrim, starts to get sick with asthma, he is very stressed, vomits and all due to restricted airways.
Boarding AC858 on time. But due to over fueling the plane (unbelievable!) they had to defuel it. Which caused the departure to be delayed by approx. 2 hours. Which also caused us to to miss our connecting flight London – Copenhagen.
Arriving in London, late for our connecting flight, we are told by Air Canada that we are on the rebook list for SK1516 at 18:40 and to pick up the boarding passes up at the transfer center. After hours in line, both at Air Canada and SAS (Thorgrim gets sicker and sicker, throws up again). They are unable to print out the boarding passes, due to some missing ticket information. Even if we were on the passengers list!! There is nothing to do, they say they can’t help us. From there on, we have to take matters in our own hands, call Faroe Travel, that react quickly and efficiently and have to book NEW tickets, even if we already paid for them, but by your incompetence, were not able to print out a boarding card. In addition Faroe Travel had to book a hotel in Copenhagen, Hilton airport hotel, since our tickets to the Faroe Islands RC451, departure was at 06:10. This ticket, Copenhagen – Faroe Islands, has been rebooked 3 or 4 times by now, and has caused excessive extra fees. Receipts will be included in the complaint. The last flight to the Faroe Islands, before Christmas, left at around noon the same day, if we did not make this one, our Christmas would be spent apart as a family, my boys and mother, would be in seperate countries.
We have had a lot of extra expenses (around $2,600 will send you copies of all receipts later) because of the ineffective and incompetence of Lufthansa and yours partners. You have major flaws in your system. This should NOT happen for a Tier-1 airline like Lufthansa. Completely unacceptable!

Here is what we ask for:
If you don’t meet them, I Tina Harryson, will spend every day on EVERY social media to tell our tragic/expensive story!
Public apology from Lufthansa. Also a letter of apology from one of your employees in Germany, YAZGAN, for insulting me big time, called the 22/12-16 at 09:52 German time, on the phone for 56.47min.
Pay every expense + extra for shortening our vacation by 6 whole days. Also our boy got sick from all the stress you caused us, and took another 6 days to recover from his asthma attack. Not to mention all the sleepless nights we had because of it.
Upgrade our 3 returning tickets on 04/01-17 to at least Premium Economy, preferably Business or First.
Copy of internal audit report between Lufthansa, British Airways, Air Canada and SAS. That explains how your system could allow this to happen and corrective measures how to prevent this from ever happening again.

We have had a lot of stress from this trip and after, a very very sick boy, sleepless nights, alot of expenses. A lot of time vasted on social media, however the only way to get your attention.
Our vacation has been ruined 100% by you.

Tina & Høgni Harryson