Restore the Ludlow Preschool Program to 5 days

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The Parent Teacher Group of Ludlow Vermont wishes to reverse the April 2016 decision to cut our preschool hours.  We hope to have enough signatures to present at the upcoming September 7th Board Meeting at 6PM in Mount Holly so that we can bring back preschool for October 1st 2016!  Melissa Perrino sent the letter below urging the board to re-think their decision. 

"I feel grateful to have such a wonderful program with dedicated and caring teachers in our community.  I was very sad to learn that the program hours are being cut for the next academic year.  I understand the need to save money, however, I feel as though it is a real loss for the students.  The structure of having 3-year-olds attend 2 days and 4-year-olds attend 3 days of school is perfect in my opinion since it gradually prepares the students for the 5 full days of school.  I believe that my oldest son has thrived in the current program and is now well prepared for Kindergarten.

 It appears to me that the teachers have developed an excellent daily routine, so it also saddens me that the pre-school day has been shortened to meet the minimum state requirements.  I believe many of the teachers in the elementary school strive to far exceed minimum requirements and I for one would like to support this type of teaching environment.  I am not familiar with the costs or the savings that these cuts will produce, but I am doubtful that these changes will benefit our children or enable our teachers to be the best that they can be.

 It is my hope that this decision can be that all of our local children can be given the best opportunity to succeed.  In my opinion, the important characteristics of the preschool are to familiarize students with the elementary school building, to reinforce positive classroom behavior and to teach early developmental and educational skills, which help to foster a smooth transition to Kindergarten for students and teachers."

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