Support Elliot to return to the comfort & safety of his family & community

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Elliot was maliciously removed from the care of his family in 2012, after his mother instigated a judicial review of a discriminatory and unlawful blanket policy that Buckinghamshire County Council had in place which obstructed autistic and ADHD children and young people from accessing the education and support to which they are entitled.

In May 2019, Elliot had a meltdown and was arrested and sentenced to 6 months in prison for threatening his care workers. Shortly before his release, he was sentenced to a further 6 months for alleged offences committed before his incarceration. Upon his release from Norwich prison, all of his belongings were sent to his mother's address in High Wycombe by Suffolk County Council, destroyed by damp, and covered in swastikas and the 'n' word. Elliot was not allowed to return home to his family, but was forced by a police escort from Ipswich to go to a bail hostel in Peterborough. On Wednesday 17th June 2020, Elliot was attacked by Cambs police in Peterborough after asking them for directions back to the bail hostel, and he was recalled to Peterborough prison. He wasn't able to contact his family until Saturday 20th June to tell them of his whereabouts.

Elliot's been repeatedly mistreated and neglected in the care of Buckinghamshire CC, Bromley Council, and Suffolk CC- including but not limited to suffering bullying and abuse in boarding school; being medicated without proper physical health checks and psychiatric reviews; being a victim of domestic abuse that has been enabled and perpetuated by the local authority against his mother; being trafficked, and having his supported living accommodation overrun by undesirable adults.

His family are calling for an urgent review of Elliot's Social Care and Criminal Justice cases, and for his safe return to his family upon his release from prison, as soon as possible.

Elliot has been seriously assaulted in Peterborough prison by prison staff, and he constantly has issues around being provided his prescribed medications, causing him to endure mental and physical withdrawals and disturbances that are impacting his health and wellbeing.