Organise official George Michael memorial concert in Alexandra Palace in North London.

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To organise the official memorial concert in Alexandra Palace in North London for our beloved and very missed George Michael.

Alexandra Palace is a huge venue and it allows many of George's fans, friends and family to attend. People can quite easily attend this venue as there is acres of parking space and a train station just 10 minutes walk away, so it is very easy to get there.

At the moment there is talk to have the memorial concert at the Albert Hall, but I don't think the organisers had the fans in mind as it does not

accommodate that many people and to me it looks a bit too formal. If they do have it in the Albert Hall, then they should also do another one for mainly George's fans as they have been kept in the dark lately and it's not fair to them. George wouldn't have wanted this, although I do understand the reasoning.

There would not have been a George Michael without his true and loyal fans who loved him and bought his music and attended his concerts, so let's give them a concert they'll remember for the rest of their life's. We, the fans, deserve our chance too.

Let's all get this organised. This can only be achieved with your kind help, so please sign this petition and spread the word.

For those fans who can't attend, it should also be televised on TV, so we need the BBC on board too. It's quite fitting as the BBC started in Alexandra Palace.

If this is not possible at Alexandra Palace then Wembley could be an alternative venue.

Thank you,
Tony Antoniou