Sikh boy racially attacked in uniform

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I am writing in regards to an incident that recently took place involving three students of Charlton School.  The incident I am referring to is a physical fight that took place between a Sikh student and two ‘white’ students who viciously attacked that young man while in Charlton School uniform. There is a viral video on social media vividly evidencing the attack in which Charlton School has also been tagged to bring light to the situation. As a concerned member of the community I would like to know what kind of action is being taken to address this and what kind of preventive strategies you will be implementing as a school. I am not aware of the full context of the fight however, the main reason of outrage and concern within the Sikh Community stem from the racial nature of the attack after the young boy’s turban was pulled off and the other two students mocked him for it.

While I understand that the incident did not take place on school premises, the question that arises here is whether or not the school will accept responsibility for the wellbeing of its students in uniform and accept responsibility of taking punitive action in disciplining its students participating in such racial attacks. The students of Charlton School who racially attacked this boy and had the indecency to then laugh at him are a direct representation of the school. I have made myself familiar with the school ethos and values and the way in which these students behaved are not a reflection of Charlton school’s mission of; I quote; ‘nurture healthy young people who have… strength of character to lead safe and successful lives in modern Britain’. Surely modern Britain would also account for the safety and success of all ethnic minority groups?

This incident has been emotionally scarring for us as a community as nobody should be a victimised in this manner simply for the way they look or dress. It is clear from the video that this was a hate crime and while having such inclusive values on the Charlton School website is all well and good it is crucial to thoroughly implement these values and penalise students who are openly racist and discriminate against other students in a way that can be beneficial for them as they still in learning and growing age. Combating such attacks is vital to ensure the safety of all students. Being acceptive of diversity and inclusivity is no longer an option. We live in a multicultural country where each individual as equal rights and the democracy to speak against the wrong. These students are the future of this country and it does not look bright. I urge you to take action against this and regain the trust of parents and the local community by showing that Charlton School will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

I hope you understand that I am not personally pointing responsibility to you in this issue and I am also aware that this is not the first or not an isolated case of racism in schools and because of this I have decided to contact the local council in regards to this.