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Ban Inhuman Practice Of Strapping Women Down During C Sections.

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In many American Maternity hospitals it is still routine to strap pregnant women down during C Sections. For those of you who don't know, the expectant mothers arms are laid out T shaped crucifix and strapped down to the operating table arm boards using straps or velcro restraints. So that the mother cannot even grip the side of the operating table, or hold her partners hand or even hold her baby once it's born. The arms are not unstrapped until she is stitched up and taken to recovery.

This practise is both cruel, inhuman, barbaric and totally unnecessary. It is also very harmful to the mothers mental health not only that but there are also mums who have had panic attacks and post traumatic stress disorder due to being strapped down. Also most of the mothers were strapped down against their will. Then there are those mums with mental health and other issues who are permanently traumatized by this inhuman treatment, that no woman should have to endure.

But this is not done at all in the UK and is indeed illegal in the UK. And would be assault and trespass upon the person. But sadly here in the US this is not the case and many US hospitals are still tie women down now in 2015. It is time this inhuman practice was stopped So I urge you to sign this petition. So that the government may intervene and ban restraints used on women during C Sections in ALL American hospitals. 

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