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Bradley Paul Neal, intervention order given by police

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I suffer true atrocities since end of 2001. I was suffering crime perhaps my entire life, but things got really really heavy in that end of 2001. Bradley Paul Neal was my De Facto back then. For some reason, he filled out his Tax Return, and according to what he told me, he wrote down we were not a couple. He also refused to sign as my De Facto when I was asking a migration agent to help me with my PR in Australia, which was supposed to come in the middle of 2001, that being the promise of the government, but never came. I spoke to this agent in 2002 and he got it all pretty quickly, but one year after the date promised by the government. Bradley always had this attitude, of someone who never committed for real, and that is probably what led him to betray me at an early stage of our relationship. I initially thought that he should have gone with me to Brazil if he thought that I was obliged to do that because of my visa. I asked him to speak to immigration on my behalf. He refused. I learned, later on, that I never really needed to go and, if he called them, I wouldn't need to. He refused to accompany me to Brazil for me to swap visas. His attitude was therefore always a bit to the side of disloyalty. He could have gone, I later on found out. I came back from Brazil resolute: I was going to split from him. He was different from all my previous boyfriends and he only called me once during the entire period I was in Brazil. That was too little! DIMA had left me there to the roaches, so long they took. He then prepared a party for me and picked me up at the airport. He had even found a pharmacy product with my first name, Marcia. I decided to remain with him and see if it perhaps was something else. Bradley had already lightly poisoned my alcohol at that height, however. I have horror of drugs and had already almost lost my life in Brazil for them, an episode involving a few people. He lied to me and got the drugs from his mate, Benji, on the way up to the wine tasting. He mixed them with the wine as a professional marginal would: I couldn't tell ever that that is what he really did. He started refusing intimacy with me every second night. I would try to hug or kiss him and he would say no. On those nights, he would sleep apart from me body-wise, like we used to sleep hugging and all else, but those nights he would make sure I wouldn't touch him. He would then scratch the walls all of a sudden, by 2 or 3 AM and I would roll my eyes, see his finger scratching the wall and making me wake up, and come back to sleep after hearing him leaving through the front door. In the morning I would question him about that and he would say he was doing nothing and he never left, just like what happened with the wine: He denied everything. His fellow, Cameron Plant, got Gani Abdulah, my work fellow, to threaten me. I am sure it was Cameron because the fellow repeated a sentence I only spoke to Cameron one day before his threat. I think they might be a homosexual couple. Bradley talked about sending a picture of himself naked to some guy on the Internet, and mentioned that to me as if that were a crazy thing he did. He said he took the picture in his bathroom and all. He said the name of the guy was prince. I later on Google that and found him naked opening his ass online at the website for Prince. That was, with no doubts, our bathroom in Collingwood, his apartment. Confronted him again. He denied having spoken about that once more. Living together with Bradley was therefore continuous torture and never knowing who I was with. I caught him coming home with his probationer one day. I was waiting for him in front of our building in the CBD and he arrived at the tram stop with her, like he did not know I would be there and I saw all. I confronted him. He said she harassed him at the train stop and he could do nothing else. People were oppressing me at the university, and it was all because of Bradley. I ended up losing my academic job, offered to me as soon as I arrived almost, first time I spoke to Cerone, my PhD in record time under Sever, top researcher and publisher, world considered, and a second and a third PhD titles because of Bradley and his crimes, his entire gang of bisexuals, homosexuals, drug addicts, and all else. I always hid all my contact details from everyone else, and only truly special people ever had them, such as my mother, like that I gave. In Australia, in 2001, not even my mother had my physical address, so that there would be no risk. Bradley contacted my mortal enemies in Brazil and formed gang to attack me with them. One of the first things he did was making sure they always knew where I was. He almost broke my neck in my Charnwood Road apartment in 2001, end of the year, when I told him once more that I did not want to be with him anymore, and that was a forever decision: He enveloped my head with the sheet and pulled the sheet with all strength. Tears came to my eye and it was only by miracle of God, as it is all these years, that I preserved my spine and life back then. Bradley always knew of all crimes I suffer all these years and he was therefore always involved either to the side of action or omission. I came back to him more than once and it was all atrocity, each and every time. I was always forced in the vilest way as possible by several of his acquaintances in several different ways. I could never acquire a fighting chance against him, yet VUT staff, support, should have gotten an intervention order against him already in 2001 for me. He has just destroyed my best job, which I got even under so much, by committing crimes of hacking, false identity, and all else, telephonic, electronic, hacking, and all else. I owed nothing to this man, I simply dumped him. If VICPOL finally arrests him, they will be able to save me from all other crimes I endure because if Bradley is not entirely responsible for all, he knows all about who is and what they did, also about how. Please help me get VICPOL to finally do their share in his case. They then may pass all that is local to the AFP. 

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