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Stop hunting Ortolan Bunting

As you know, illegal bird trapping in Les Landes France is still widespread. French Birdorganisation LPO, monitoring data on trapping, suggest 30 to 80 thousands of Ortolan buntings have been killed during this autumn. A clear and welcome “zero tolerance” message came out of the “European Conference on Illegal Killing of Birds”, held in Larnaca last July (2011).
We, the undersigned, now call for the political will that was evident at the conference to be transformed into action on the ground to stop the slaughter of birds in France.
We, the undersigned completely support LPO in their work against slaughter of Ortolan Buntings in France.
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency work seriously to save and improve Ortolan habitats.
Ortolans nesting in Scandinavia is critical low.
Illegal bird killing is no longer a traditional activity.
The killing of Ortolan buntings (Emberiza hortulana), which is listed as threatened in Scandinavia must end.
Nowadays bird trapping takes place at an unprecedented scale, killing tens of thousands of birds for profit, and it is controlled by a network of ruthless criminals.
This ecological disaster must be stopped.
Stop hunting Ortolan bunting !
Its emptying our skies and Ortolans 5th Symphony sound will end.
I ask that real enforcement of the legislation is applied at all levels, from the trapping sites to the restaurateurs serving this kind of food and that deterrent court fines are imposed to convicted trappers. We expect that true results are achieved by 2014, the target year for eliminating the problem.
I hope that you will do whatever is possible within your powers to eliminate illegal bird trapping in France.

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  • Ministère de l’Écologie France
    Lucile Rambaud
  • Ministère de l’Écologie France
    Segolène Royal
  • Ministre de l'Ecologie, du Développement durable et de l'Energie
    Ségolène Royal

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