Lucifer Stays on TV the fight begins with keeping them on a Network that cares about Fans.

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I’m very upset that tv series like Lucifer fall to network controls either based on ratings or other potential projects.  It is important that as true fans, we fight to keep Lucifer on a TV network or even Netflix original series that cares about growth and development.  The network needs to understand that there’s  a lot of fans that a very upset to see this classic series be thrown out the window.  Actors and directors and the team involved put everything in to making this one of the best tv series on the Network TV or any network that’s willing to commit.  We as fans would like Lucifer contracted through another network.  The story of this series is incomplete and needs to give the fans closure without this  I feel we should out right boycott FOX network.  Imagine watching a series and wanting to know how it ends or begins.  To true fans of Lucifer this was only the beginning of something very special and creative.  Why would anyone want to stop this!  So let’s go Lucifer fans let’s come together to fight for another network for this amazing tv series. 

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