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Disney , Make Star Wars Legends Brand For Movies!

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This petition is merely a suggestion to Disney and LucasFilm, respectively, i don’t have any intention to judge the work they are making and the way they want to profit with the new Star Wars canon and likewise the franchise, as the plans they have set for the movies, sequels and so forth but in reality, Lucasfilm you had let several persons that really enjoyed the story upset in the way you treated much of the Expanded Universe with basically putting the same aside.

You have done a new brand called ‘Star Wars: Legends’ to embrace all this non-canonical story, here goes my suggestion, since you all have in mind to make a new Star Wars movie per year, what about make new brand of movies dedicated to Star Wars Legends? You guys could take your own time to think of it, it’s not canonical anymore? Does not matter, as for example, you guys in the previous years have been selling books that were telling the stories from the Star Wars Legends, even they not being canon, legally speaking, that didn’t stop you guys from making money with it, this could afford to also open precedent in order to also have in mind TV shows/movies/Series related to all of this non-canonical story in which also obviously you own as you can do anything you please with it.

You would do a great service to your own fanbase, as you would also cover stories many people enjoyed/enjoy and please both sides, you would continue to earn the profit you want and we would get the stories we always enjoyed to read.

That is all, thank you for your attention, Disney, LucasFilm and Kathleen Kennedy!

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