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Disney, Don't Sue Your Fans - Encourage Creative Innovation, Not Pursue Useless Litigation

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Lucasfilm has filed a Law Suit against Lightsaber Academy and New York Jedi - both Trademarked Lightsaber Martial Arts organizations, for activities that have been performed in LFL’s & Disney's full knowledge for between 3 to 11 years respectively, with direct benefit to their own fan organizations.

We've operated all this time with no issue. However, this legal filing has us very concerned about the overall intention of these actions, and who is next within our lightsaber community?  With both Lucasfilm and Disney's history of legally pursuing their own fans, we see an unfriendly trend developing.

New York Jedi was the first organized lightsaber club in the US since 2005 for teaching Lightsaber Stage Combat, show production, and "Mash-up" Cosplay membership. This format became poplar throughout the US, Canada, and the world with other Sport and Stage groups forming, and still operate today in varying capacities. New York Jedi has never been a business but a group of friends doing something that became wildly popular via internet exposure.

After a decade of contribution to the international Lightsaber Community it helped actually form and build, now the most famous Lightsaber group in the world (New York Jedi) has been forced to shut down because of the name. The inspired club ran for 11 years without being sued, or told to cease operations, until now.

The main issue is this: devoted and inspired fans have innovated a new industry, LIGHTSABER MARTIAL ARTS, and Lightsaber Academy & NY Jedi are the first to be litigated by the very franchise from which we are all inspired. We fear this could become a much larger issue, and kill a new and burgeoning industry enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.  Yes, it is a thing, and is growing rapidly.

We have been inviting Lucasfilm to be involved with our projects for years. They have previously declined.  We will continue to invite them to work with us. Mind you, this is not about costumes or fantasy, but real world physical training.

Something amazing has occurred. A story element, a fictional weapon, has grown past it's placement in a well-known film franchise. It has now become a movement of learning and fitness, the enormity of which we have not seen since Bruce Lee brought Kung Fu to the West.  It is called a lightsaber, and we all know what that is.

Please help us tell Disney this legal action is not acceptable, and encourage them to find a more positive solution to be introduced. Law suits only hurt the fan community, and poisons friendships and other relations.  Work with us!


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