The problem of Iranian applicants(Doctorate) at the University of Vienna

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Dear Sir /Madam

According to the latest news from the University of Vienna, that say all of applicants for doctorate/Phd degree must register personally until the end of September 2018, and after this deadline all applications will be expired and must apply again in U:space with the new laws and regulations; We, as some of the applicants for doctorate/Phd degree from Iran,want to give us the opportunity for getting visa as the process may take a long time for us and we will lose our important chance and all of our attempt and trying to enter the University of Vienna.
So,we ask you to postpone this new law for the former applicants, because most of us are in the visa process now and waiting for our visa result from Austria Immigration Center (ma35), that usually last about one year, and in fact it is not possible for us to register at the University until end of September 2018.
We should mention that according to change some of the laws, it's possible, we lose our chance and great opportunity and also using the knowledge of excellent professors in the new applying at the University of Vienna .
We kindly hope that, you really consider this important matter
Thanks a million for your kind attentions.

Sincerely yours

A group of Iranian applicants (Doktorate) at the University of Vienna