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Let the duck enjoy the pool

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This duck has flown a long distance and not in low cost. As soon as he arrived he found the workers were on strike and everything was filthy with empty bottle water and coke cans everywhere as the trash containers collapsed. 

It went to the rental car to get its car not letting the situation affect its vacation mood just to find it will take more than 3 hrs to getter car. The heat and humidity was too much so the Duck decided to take a cab but it got sneak into a pirate one that drive it to the wrong villa as the pirate driver disappeared with its bags along a guardia civil car that was protecting him. 

The Duck then saw the pool and decided a good swim will make it feel better, at the end magical ibiza was full of friendly souls and hippy people who love nature and would offer some refreshment to a traveler. 

After a swim then he found itself being chased. Y kids peeing at him and toddler hits spitting at him while a woman known as Raquel was chasing at it on an inflatable unicorn while waving a broom shouting "fuck of fucking Duck this is ibiza we don't want you here go to hell, you're dirty". 

We ask for your support to let the Duck stay in the pool for as long as it want. We want the Duck to feel it is all good and it can bring its family and friends to the island. 

Please sign the petition for the duck to stay and Raquel to get a roof for his own private pool indoors and immaculately clean. 

Duck we love you. 

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