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Thank George Lucas for giving us Star Wars.

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In light of the release of The Last Jedi, it has become very apparent that a very large percentage  of Star Wars fans are extremely disappointed by the creative choices that have been made. Rian Johnson, has demonstrated that he is a very poor writer/director.

An opportunity to create something very special was missed. Luke Skywalker's character was rewritten to fit a poorly contrived plot. Carrie Fisher is immortalised in the most cringeworthy scene to be shown on film, to be then pushed to the side lines and under used in what would have been her final moment to shine. The humour is forced and falls flat, completely missing the mark. The plot falls apart under close scrutiny and little of the previous Star Wars history is acknowledged or respected.

Numerous fans report leaving the film feeling insulted and angry that the director had been allowed free reign to push a political agenda and create his own distorted version of star wars.

We can only hope that JJ Abrams uses the same plot device as he did for Star Trek and introduces time travel for episode 9. It might now be his only way to undo this mess...

The fans buy the cinema tickets and the merchandise. But with something as popular as Star Wars you can probably dessimate 50% of your audience and still make money. But deliberately alienating so many loyal fans cannot be good business sense. The Last Jedi could have with even just a small amount of fine tuning still have been a movie that would have pleased the majority. 

But we cannot change what has been done to our beloved franchise. We cannot control what direction episode 9 will take. We either simply accept that Star Wars is now something lesser and move on or we cling to our hate... I know what Yoda would recommend.

 My purpose for creating this petition is a positive one. If you loved the original trilogy please sign. Let’s send a message to George Lucas that we are grateful for his original creation. 

Lucas was criticised heavily for the prequels but with hindsight, those movies don’t seem so bad now do they? 

If the disappointment of The Last Jedi is still bothering you, let’s come together and celebrate why we love Star Wars so much. 

Sign our petition and let us show George Lucas the love he deserves. 


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