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Lucas County Dog Warden: Remove the dangerous designation from Duke, drop the charge against Carissa

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Duke is not a dangerous dog. He is an extremely loving, sweet dog who has never been in trouble before, and Carissa did not fail to confine him on the day in question.

This is a case of an insane injustice being placed on both of them ~ they are innocent. Yet somehow the roles of the justice system have been completely turned upside down: The suspected criminal gets away with no punishment or investigation whatsoever, and this innocent family is left to suffer due to the negligence of the authorities.

Here's a brief recap of the incident: Carissa Curry left for work at about 9am. Duke was inside the house, with the doors and windows all closed. She shut and locked the gates to her fence after pulling out of the driveway (a witness saw this happen). About 11:30, a man (with two past theft-related charges) was bitten (no serious injury caused). A neighbor saw this same man in Carissa's yard prior to the bite. At first the man claimed Duke pushed through the gates and attacked him, yet Carissa proved that this was impossible due to the locks on her gate. Then his story changed. He now claims that the gates were already open (mind you, Duke was inside the house).

Duke was taken by the Lucas County Dog Warden and held for a 10-day quarantine. Carissa called to 911 to report an attempted break-in because the only way her dog could have possibility gotten out of the house was if someone had opened her door to let him out. The police talked to both witnesses and said they would investigate the suspected break-in attempt; however, they didn't even file a police report on it.

Duke did his job and protected his home and his family. That does not make him a dangerous dog ~ in fact, that makes him a hero! He should be rewarded, not punished. If this label is not removed, Duke's quality of life will be drastically effected. The "dangerous dog" label has set guidelines that, if enforced, will take all the happiness out of his life. The financial burden on Carissa is also insane: This single mom struggling to make ends meet will have to pay for very expensive dog insurance and special yearly licensing, as well as meet housing requirements for Duke and pay for the terribly expensive legal fees that go along with fighting this.

Even worse, if this label is not removed, Duke may be forced away from the only true owner he has ever had. Carissa will lose her companion of 4 years, and her young son will lose his buddy that has been around since the day he was born ~ all because Carissa financially can't afford to follow the very strict guidelines. She shouldn't be forced to follow them in the first place.

The charge against Carissa is failure to confine a dangerous dog, which is a 4th-degree misdemeanor carrying up to 30 days in jail. To think that she could be pulled away from her young son for a month for something she is not guilty of is outrageous! Having a misdemeanor on her record could also affect her career in health care.

This young woman and this amazing brave dog are not criminals. They did nothing wrong. Yet that is exactly how they are being treated. We need to bring justice back to our "justice system." Wouldn't you want your dog to protect your house?

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