Protect our children

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How many more children have to die in school by a gunman for our school districts and legislature to decide enough is enough and to decide to take massive action? It is my humble opinion that gun control debates and mental health debates won’t get us anywhere soon. Those issues are so broad in scope, that we can’t develop a concrete plan to get changes done now. What we can do is completely re-think security in our schools starting with armed personnel(retired military, RSO’s, police, etc), metal detection, improved access control into buildings, and windows/doors with bullet proof technology. Those are changes that, with funding, we can implement.  A portion or all of the above fundamentals need to be in place at all schools...elementary, middle, & high schools.

We absolutely have to fortify our schools in this new world of violence and unpredictable attacks. We can no longer say “it won’t happen here”. We must prepare. Currently, most schools are soft targets that someone with ill intent knows is easy to do major damage...this has to change. After 9/11, think of everything that changed to board an airplane. There are armed guards and scanners to get into the those boarding areas. You can’t even bring a bottle of water thru security. On airplanes, now all cockpit doors are on lock down and flights have air marshals as an absolute fail safe. We have armed personnel and metal detection at court houses, embassies, stadiums, & concerts. Meanwhile, our schools are wide open. To some, this level of preparation might seem drastic. However, wouldn’t we rather be over prepared and never need it than under prepared and wish we had it??

We need major change to secure our schools and we need it now. I know LTISD has a few things in place, but it’s not  enough. I’m planning to petition our local LTISD school board and then, with the help of my community members, take this to the TX legislature for funding. Who’s with me?

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