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Bring Travis Back To LTHS!

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Hi, my name is Travis, and I used to be a Sophomore student of LTHS. I have been moved to another school in my state of Illinois, but for what I think is wrong. I, Travis, have made a post in the past that was me describing the worst in the past, then hoping for a better year, one of them being a time a rumor was spread among the school that could've been dangerous: a school shooting. Now just to clarify, I love LTHS, and I love everyone in it, even the teachers. Plus, I am not involved in any gang or have any access to guns and weaponry (besides, I don't go out much). Anyway, back to the subject, the school was a little concerned by the post, but it was just a mere talk, even though I was confused on why the school had suspicion I was threatening the school. Then, the worst happened.

The very night, I got a text from a friend of mine that said that there was a rumor I was involved in, and that was a school shooting rumor. Filled with lies such as saying I sent a Snapchat warning to not go to school the next day (which I didn't even use Snapchat that day nor used it that often), and then the next day, the school was in watch. I missed the bus, which wasn't the best case for the scenario, and eventually, e-mails reached out to parents about it. Thankfully it wasn't put to lockdown, the school still acted normal, just on high watch of me. All because of a fake rumor twisted from a part where I talked about the same rumor on me. So, a week later, I talked to the school.

They came up with a plan to take me out of LTHS for 'the best of me', as if people are going to hurt me, but I don't feel like it's true. I had supporters all around the school defending me from the gossip rumor, including my own A Capella group. Though, I don't believe the school authority heard of it right, and then sent me off to another school within the county. They believed I had no 'true' friends and just had acquaintances that were out to get me, just because I never hung out with them. Reason why I never is because I chose not to hang out, just cause I felt like it, and I usually text to them. So, sent off to another school, they put me in a CD (Communication Development) program, and I felt like there was no justice at all. And the worst thing, I still do. Three weeks later, and I am still out of my original school that I want to graduate in, be a school president in, and try out for the football team in. I, Travis, have not yet backed down.

I came back and haven't backed down yet, so I'm going to put up this petition and bring up the support I have for such a situation. I don't believe I needed to get kicked out, and I want to be back. Back to sing with my A Capella group, back to talk to my chemistry teacher, back to enjoy the rest of my high school years. Even worse, though, I have a social suspension, which means I can't attend anything involved with the school, so I can't even watch my choir do concerts! And that means a lot to me...

I love LTHS, but I'm going to need your help to bring me back. If you sign this petition, we might be able to tell LTHS that I have supporters out there that care for me, and they'll let me back in. All it takes is one signing, and you have shown your care for me and your opinion against how LTHS dealt with me.

And one more word... this is in NO WAY a threat towards anyone such as the LTHS authority, just a simple disagreement and a peaceful act against their action. This isn't a cry for help, a beg, and in no way am I put to depression from this, just hurt.  I completely dislike what they have chosen to solve the situation. All I want is to be back at my school, be with teachers, be with my peers, and live on to graduate from LTHS. I miss the school, but I can't get back in by myself. I'll need YOUR assistance, so if you may, sign the petition.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll answer. I'm sure I covered enough, but then again, maybe not. So if you want to ask anything, perhaps clarification, please ask.


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