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Promotion of Hitch Hiking in the Philippines to reduce emission of CO2

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Today where climate change has been one of the major problem that our world is facing we need to start making change on the way we live our daily lives that can contribute something in our environment. We can't live without the world but the world can live without us. We should start protecting our environment now by the serious factors that causes harm to it. It should begin with us, from us and within us.

One of the major problem in the Philippines to day that each and every Filipino and individuals are experiencing now is the problem in transportation. Due to lack of infrastructures and having too many vehicles and mobiles on the road we experience unfortunate traffics and not only that but because of many vehicles in different parts of the country which emits CO2 that can harm the environment we would like to start promoting Hitch-Hiking in the country to reduce the usage of vehicles which can result to lesser emission of CO2.

Alongside different gasses, for example, methane and water vapor, carbon dioxide is an ozone depleting substance. It retains warm vitality and keeps it getting away from the Earth's surface into space. The more prominent the measure of carbon dioxide in the environment, the more warmth vitality is consumed and the more sizzling the Earth moves toward becoming.

Help us promote Hitch Hiking in the Philippines by signing our Petition. Together, let us start taking care of our planet by doing what we believe will help us to have a better place to live by the next generation of humanity.

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