Allow singles tennis during lock down.

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During Covid 19 lock downs the UK Government has consistently recommended the continuation of exercise and advocated the outdoors as a safe environment. thare are good reasons, scientifically based, for this.  Physical exercise improves longevity and is good for all round health thus reducing the strain on the NHS and its ancillary services. Outdoors, the corona virus has a vastly reduced lifespan and is more easily dispersed.

Tennis is one of the top five sports played in the UK today. It is not a contact sport and players are mostly over 10m (35+ft) apart from one another.  Taking place in the open air and with players able to walk around either side of the net to change ends, Tennis is one of the safest activities achievable in the midst of a viral epidemic.

If you agree that keeping outdoor tennis facilities open for use by singles players is a "positive" for physical and mental health then please put your name to this petition. Thank you.


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