Dismiss/Recall Doug Ford

Dismiss/Recall Doug Ford

December 3, 2019
Petition to
Lt. Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell
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Why this petition matters

Started by Florence OConnell

We are imploring  the Lieutenant Governor General of Ontario The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell to take action to Recall or Dismiss Doug Ford as Primier of Ontario.

At this point the damage Doug Ford has already caused, may be irreversible as is. We can take no more.

Our Education System is in shambles .Our childrens  education is suffering  Our heath care is so damaged and we  are being pushed towards forced Heath Care  Privatization, that Ontario does NOT want. We see the pattern..Defund Divest Destroy Privetizeation 

.The war on or against the disabled, mentally challenged and physically handicapped is apparent and in full force in the Ford Government. The cuts to services are deep, cruel and unfounded and uninformed.

He's creating record numbers of homeless and helpless among our low income earners.

The lifting of rent controls have sent rents well beyond the ability of the average earner. Although there are plenty of unit available..no one can afford them.Rents have doubled and crippled with no ease in sight.

His axe has been felt in every public service and sector and out reach program. All based on a proven lie about the fiscal shape of Ontario.He doubled the numbers and pushed them as fact although it's been proven over and over.. Ford lied about the. Ontario Deficit. It was half of what he proclaimed.


There is nothing left yet he still goes deeper. Every day a new assault on the public services, disabled , homeless low income earner, middle class, children and desperately  needed programs that support this Province.

We are on our knees..begging..PLEASE CONSIDER A DOUG FORD RECALL /DISMISSAL from services before it's too late for Ontario. It's closer than you think.


The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Web site: www.lgontario.CA

Phone: 416-325-7780

TTY: 416-325-5003

Twitter: @LGLizDowdeswell

Instagram: lgontario


Her Honour the Honourable

Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Queens Park Toronto Ontario

M7A 1A1











Support now
Signatures: 5,163Next Goal: 7,500
Support now