Petition Lt. Governor Lois Mitchell to dismiss Premier Jason Kenney from office

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Laurie Jensen
Laurie Jensen signed this petition

Since his election into the seat of Alberta's Premier, Mr. Kenney has displayed a complete disregard for the people of this province.

Time and time again he has gone against the very promises he's made that lead to his election. From the $4.5 billion tax break to his corporate cronies, to the massive cuts to our public services and the ensuing layoffs that resulted, the list continues to grow. 

Without even being a year into his term in office, our premier has already done so much to fail us as the citizens he is sworn to serve.

This petition here calls on our province's Lieutenant Governor, Lois Mitchell to dismiss premier Kenney of his office as she has the power to do so. In the name of the citizens of Alberta and on the grounds of failure to uphold campaign promises or put the best interest of the people first.

With your signature and your help we can stand up and have our voices heard. Bring the power back to the people and show the politicians of this nation that we are done being stepped on for corporate gain. We are done being abused by the politicians who are supposed to protect our interests. We are done being ignored by those in power.

They are not as invincible as they think, and it's time we prove it.