S T O P loud DJ in Delhi

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With due respect your kind attention is drawn towards the nuisance being caused during the marriage and other like events near the JAI SHIV APARTMENT, WEST ENCLAVE, PITAM PURA, DELHI-110034.  The same is causing sleepless nights for the residents, affecting study of the students, traffic jams and creating unhygienic surroundings in the following manner:-

1.     EAR DEAFENING LOUD MUSIC: Music is played at very high volume, beyond the permissible limits prescribed by the Govt. as well as by the H’ble Supreme Court of India. Music at high volume is played even after 10:00 PM, permissible timings fixed by the Govt. Telephonic complaints are made by the residents everyday to the PS Mangol Puri, beat constables. Also calls are made at 100. No relief is given to the residents. Music stops for a while but again resumes with ear deafening sound.

2.     Cracker : Crackers are bursted after the permissible time fixed, which is illegal. Also there is a LPG Godown in the vicinity and a potential hazard which may become fatal for the residents.

3.     TRAFFIC JAM: The road from Bhagwan Mahavir till the round-about in west enclave, where three pandals have been erected is a road which is among the ZERO TOLERANCE ROAD attracting tough action. But vehicles are allowed to park on this whole road on both sides resulting into severe traffic jam affecting free passages to patients and accident victims. So many times sirens of ambulances etc. are heard by the residents.

4.     Unhygenic surroundings: The left over food  is left to rot by the tent keepers/caterers, causing unhygenic surrounds and breeding ground for mosquitoes resulting into many diseases.

5.     Consumption of alcohol: So many times the cars are parked everywhere on the road and liquor is consumed by the persons visiting the marriage venues creating law and order problem.

6.     Un-authorised occupying road: The barat is assembled on the road and tent is erect illegally in front of  our society, which is illegal. No permission is taken whasoever from anywhere. Food is served there further causing unhygenic conditions and drums and other instruments are played further causing lot of noise pollution.


In view of the above it is evident that the residents are undergoing raw deal by the tent mafia by imposing unnecessary noise pollution caused by DJ/music and fire crackers. It has become very difficult for the elderly and ordinary citizen to sleep in time. Also the students are not able to study and concentrate on their subjects. And everything is happening after several complaints to the Police. Also as per MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND FORESTS NOTIFICATION , New Delhi, the 14 February, 2000 the timings have been fixed for music. The relevant rule is reproduced below:-

          “5. Restrictions on the use of loud speakers/public address s1stem.

(1) A loud speaker or a public address system shall not be used except after obtaining written permission from the authority.

(2) A loud speaker or a public address system shall not be used at night (between 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.) except in closed premises for communication within, e.g. auditoria, conference rooms, community halls and banquet halls.”


          You are hereby very humbly requested  on behalf of the resident of our society to  make necessary arrangement to ensure that  the music is  played under permissible limits before 10:00 PM and strictly no music after 10:00 PM so that the residents are able to live in peaceful surrounding guaranteed to them by the Constitution of India and students are able to study. We hope that necessary steps will be taken immediately and instructions to the Police personnel will be issued for relieving the residents of the menaces discussed above.