LSE, change the date of the LL275 exam

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Dear LSE Law Department,

We, the Second-Year law students at LSE, are writing to you to express our severe dissatisfaction with the exam schedule published on the 23/02/2018. Below we outline our arguments in full.

First, the dates chosen for the sitting of LL275 and LL232 are unreasonable. When one looks at the LSE exam schedule holistically, it is clearly discernible that law is one of the first degrees to hold its exams. This, however, is contrary to logic, considering law is unquestionably one of the most content-heavy degrees at LSE - it does not have any January exams to alleviate this burden – hence it requires more revision time. In addition, when one looks specifically at the LLB exam schedule, and considers the events of last year, it is clear that the placing of LL275 so early in the term time, in conjunction with the placing of LL232 only two days prior to LL202, does not provide students with sufficient time to revise for three exams that are incredibly academically rigorous. To the extent that the department conceded this point last year, when it tried to move LL275 to the 2nd May, we request equal treatment this year. We realise that heavily subscribed courses need more time to be marked, but LSE also needs to appreciate that we students need to be given a fair opportunity to prepare for our exams.

Secondly, you are, in effect, prohibiting students who have applied and been successful in securing a spring vacation scheme from attending that scheme. It is simply not possible to study for a year’s worth of syllabus within the two weeks that would be left during spring before the LL275 exam.  You are therefore penalising people who took the initiative to further their career prospects and were successful in doing so. In fact, people who only applied for spring vacation schemes are now left with no scheme at all, as summer schemes are fully booked.  This is categorically unacceptable, especially considering the intense competition for these spaces. As a university, you should be cognisant of these processes that run in tandem with your academic year and you should factor them in when creating an exam schedule.

Thirdly, you are disadvantaging us in comparison to other universities. Having received the exam dates from various other universities we can confirm that most of our future ‘competitors’ do not start their exams until mid-May, with Cambridge and Warwick having their first exam on May 29th. In stark contrast, a number of us are finished by May 11th. A month of extra revision time has a clear corollary on the grades that one can possibly achieve. Do you believe it was a fluke that last year the Second-Year LLB students scored some of the best grades in LL232 and LL275? No. It was because they were given sufficient time to prepare for their exams. Surely, as an institution, the LSE should seek to further the interests of its students and not work against them. At the moment, your stance is skewing towards the latter.

In consideration of the above points, we would like to request that the LL275 exam is pushed back to June, to give sufficient time for all students to prepare for their exams and attend any vacation schemes they have secured.

We are not asking for special treatment, and we are not asking for easy exams. We simply ask that LSE helps us compete on a level playing field with other universities so as to allow us to achieve the best grades we can.

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