LSA Spirit Week!

LSA Spirit Week!

April 12, 2022
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Started by Lolaoluwa Alarapon

Spirit week at La Salle this year is an absolute outrage! This is our first normal year since 2020, and we don't deserve to have thoughtless, and un-fun spirit days. Isn't it easier to donate to the causes being observed rather than dressing up? And, maroon and white day already took place earlier in the the year. Ask any student, and they'll say that they don't like the choices to show school spirit. The current spirit day themes are:

4/26 Wear white for World Peace

4/27 Wear Yellow and Blue for Ukraine

4/28 Class T-Shirt Day

4/29 Wear Maroon and White


If you sign this petition, we could possibly get our spirit week changed to more fun days like:

Decades day

Pajama Day

Country Club vs. Country Day

Character day

Toga day

Sports day

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Signatures: 15Next Goal: 25
Support now