Opposition to Proposed Amendment to KY LPCA Work Status

Opposition to Proposed Amendment to KY LPCA Work Status

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Board Chair, Andrea Brooks LPC Board of Kentucky

Why this petition matters

Started by Denise Hutchins

This petition is designed to communicate clearly with the LPC Board about our opposition regarding proposed regulation changes in the state of Kentucky, limiting Licensed Professional Counselor Associates (LPCAs) from taking positions as Independent Contractors (aka "1099 employees"). 

Informally, the Board has cited limited and/or absent supervision or oversight when LPCAs are in these IC roles in the workplace. It is still unclear why this is an issue before the Board currently, though many hypotheses abound.  So, instead of the Board being made aware of 'singular' or 'a handful' of narratives from individuals voicing opposition to the changes, this petition serves as a cumulative force for all interested parties to stand together and voice our opposition to the Board's proposal.

By adding your name to this roster, you are communicating your opposition to the Board's proposal that limits work opportunities for LPCAs in the state of Kentucky.  Those with associate licensure will be forced to accept only W-2 positions, most frequently offered by Community Mental Health and other Agencies. Additionally, the proposed change would seriously limit access for thousands across the state (often the most disenfranchised, Medicaid recipients) to quality outpatient mental health services. 

No matter how you are connected to the Counseling profession, please consider signing this petition!  For additional conversation about this topic and others affecting the Professional Counseling profession in Kentucky, please join the private Facebook group by clicking the link below:



374 have signed. Let’s get to 500!