Fire Walter Block

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Walter Block is a professor in the Business school at Loyola University New Orleans. He has publicly stated that he believes slavery to be wrong because it goes against Libertarianism, not because it is morally wrong. He has justified women being paid less than men (see his book Building Blocks of Liberty)

He is allegedly an ableist, too. 

One student share their experience that he allegedly said schools can deny disabled students admission, this is what that student shared:

“He once told me to my face that the Americans with Disabilities Act was a terrible law....I asked him, ‘So you think a university should be able to refuse to admit me for no other reason than my blindness?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, because then another university would find the market niche and you could go there.’“

If Loyola is really wanting to remove racism, they should remove racists from teaching. 

While it is important to have professors with different views and opinions and beliefs, racist and sexist beliefs should not be a part of this. It is harmful to any non-men and any Black people to be taught that slavery isn’t morally wrong, to be taught that women don’t deserve to be paid and treated equally. 

Fight racism, end racism, fire the racists. 

Fire Walter Block.