Reduce tuition for Loyola University of Chicago for 2020 Fall semester

Reduce tuition for Loyola University of Chicago for 2020 Fall semester

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K'Lyn Glass
K'Lyn Glass signed this petition

In light of changes due to Covid-19, tuition should be reduced appropriately according to the changes made by the university administration. 

"While the world is different from when Loyola first opened its doors, what has not changed is our commitment to providing a high-quality Jesuit education to talented students."

If the university decides to go online completely, then it won't provide the same quality and resources the students need. Similarly, for the hybrid classes students will have less access to the same resources as before. With students having limited access to the resources such as Halas Recreational Center and Loyola hosted events. Unfortunately, through these tough times many students and their families have faced economic hardship and as Loyola's Commitment to the students, Loyola should provide a reduced tuition to help students continue their education.

Although Covid-19 has affected everyone, The petition is not meant to put blame onto Loyola University Chicago, but to bring attention to the financial repercussions that students are facing. Most students that enrolled into Loyola were not doing so for an online/hybrid education, therefore tuition price should reflect that commodity.