End the Partnership Between Loyola University Chicago and the Chicago Police Department.

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Clare M
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On May 28, following the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, the University of Minnesota announced their plans to scale back ties with the Minneapolis Police Department.

As students of Loyola, we understand that the safety of students, faculty, and visitors is of utmost importance to Loyola’s mission. With that in mind, we pose the question: Is Loyola’s partnership with the Chicago Police Department the best option for ensuring the safety of the Loyola community as well as the citizens of Chicago as a whole?

If it was not already obvious, the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, Ahmaud Arbery, and more* have made it clear that racism, specifically towards black people, is engrained deeply within the system of policing within the United States. As students of Loyola Chicago, the first step we can take in rebuilding this flawed system is asking that our university cut ties or scale back their relations with the Chicago Police Department. This includes any on-campus relations Loyola University Chicago has with the Chicago Police Department as well as the “University Partner” program which provides scholarships to Chicago Police Department officers. The money that is currently allocated for this program should instead be used to assist students from low-income households.

As proud students of Loyola, we hope that we can rely on you to stand with your black students and set an example for other universities to follow.

*George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, Ahmaud Arbery, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Samuel Dubose, Walter Scott, and countless more.