Safety for Loyola's Students

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Recently, students have been on edge for their safety around Loyola University of Chicago's campus. There have been several events called into campus safety, but not forwarded to students. Just to cite some examples, last week a man was seen right behind CVS in a mask while walking around with a crowbar. This was called into Loyola PD, but the students never heard of it, putting several students in danger when walking home. It is imperative that students are notified as soon as events occur in order to prevent any harm to the students of Loyola Chicago and the community surrounding the campus. This lack of communication is not only harmful but also shows their lack of commitment to the safety of students.  When a strong armed robbery occurred on campus on March 19th at 12:52 am, a short message was not relayed to students until 3:11 am, over two hours after the event. Many students unknowingly walked home, not realizing the danger the events transforming. 

While they notified us of this crime, they rarely email in general. We usually rely on information passed through friends to stay safe. A recent hostage situation that went down a few blocks from campus was referred to as, " a person is barricaded in an apartment", not showing the severity of the moment. Every other college I have heard of notifies their students constantly of robberies, gunshots, and assaults. It is inexcusable to not reach out, especially when student's lives are at stake. Recently, it has become more and more concerning to walk home alone at night, even to dormitories and housing nearby. Not necessarily because of the crime, but because of our lack of knowledge of the wrong-doings happening at the moment.  It is imperative to properly protect ourselves by situating ourselves away from crime.

This is why I, and many others, believe Loyola should notify students of every serious crime reported within a mile of campus. The usage of the text messaging system should also be utilized. Not only should we be notified of the crimes, it must be in within the hour of the incident. This will allow students to protect themselves and be out of imminent danger by staying away from the said area.  It is an easy solution that protects students from the click of a button.