CANCEL Loyola Blakefield Mid-Terms

CANCEL Loyola Blakefield Mid-Terms

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Board/Committee of Directors of Loyola Blakefield

Why this petition matters

We need mid-terms to be cancelled for Loyola Blakefield High School. 

Quick reason why exams should be canceled:

1724 on average covid cases per day in Baltimore County (1.75x Loyola’s student population per day).
Many students are out of school/quarantining due to covid traces or having covid themselves.
Other private schools in the area including NDP, Spaulding, Mercy, and St. Pauls have canceled exams.
Multiple teachers have expressed their disinterest exams both vocally to students and in the classroom.
Students have not received a proper review. Not only have students missed a day of review week on Monday, but also on this upcoming Friday it looks like students will be virtual which many can agree is a worsened learning environment compared to being in person.
Many students are virtual due to covid, which not only makes learning harder, but limits the amount of productiveness that could be made if they were in person.

Many classes are behind their initial goal of completed learning material by this time. These classes include math, science, and history classes. Exams being cancelled would give these teachers (and students) to catch up on their work and required learning material in order to reach the desired goal.

Many teachers have opted for alternative assessments to replace their exam which has put a huge work load on the students as well as the process of studying for the exams.

In summary, being in-person itself is a risk, so at the very least cancel exams to give students the fairness that students were given precovid.

Or as another alternative make exams optional for students with a grade of a B+ and higher in said class.

Overall, cancelling the exams will ease both the students and teacher’s load work and stress, especially after just returning from winter break.

28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!