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Friendly_Panda to be demoted to L-3

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1. He supports racism,
2. He is not professional,
3. He disrespects me and thinks he can get away with it,
4. We've let him get away with the issues he caused,
5. He disrespects others on the MTF comms with racial slurs, and is not capable of leading a elite force of soldiers.
6. He claimed he will never forgive after his punishment that he got in fair terms,
7. He abuses his powers at the training place and obviously "chatters" on the announcement channel.
8. If he cannot represent MTF properly, why should he represent the SCP foundation. He can still do that as a Level-3 but with limitations and restrictions.
9. He's caused enough trouble and I will not let him get away with it.
10. Why should we keep an HR that is not capable of respecting others with class and professionalism, and without the use of racial slurs

We need to get him demoted to L-3 and stay as L-3


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