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If you have a United Mileage Plus account please SIGN this petition - this issue ultimately concerns ALL Mileage Plus members.

Current Mileage Plus members and their Million Milers are considerably worse off with the new merged program with Continental One Pass, and they feel betrayed.

Benefits promised for life have been taken away, substituting original benefits with alternative, devalued benefits.  What we are seeking from United is to come forward with a fair equalization of these lifetime benefits devalued under the new system:

The key changes to the Million Miler Program and their impact:

1. Removal of yearly deposited confirmed regional upgrades; Impact: not only reduces the value of the attained status, but also removes the incentive to book the next itinerary on United.

2. Removal of the United Club lifetime membership at the 2 Million Mile level; Impact: reduces the incentive to achieve this level. As a continuum, the previous program offering of Gold at 1MM, Club Membership at 2MM, and 1K status at 3MM provided tangible benefits to achieving the next level.

3. The removal of "new Million Miler" one-time gifts (systemwide and regional upgrades); Impact: removes the incentive to book additional flights on United to achieve Million Miler status in the first place.

4. The introduction of the Spouse elite match in itself adds incentives to the Million Miler program; Impact: benefit is of little or even no value to members with spouses at the elite level, or elites who travel with their spouse, or customers with no spouse or significant other.

5. Creation of "Premier Platinum" downgrading lifetime Premier Executive; Impact: your best flyers have lifetime third tier status; before the introduction of Platinum, it was second.

In addition, the redeemable mile bonus reductions to the Gold level reduce the incentive to book the next itinerary on United versus another Star carrier. This is not only a devaluation to the Mileage Plus program generally, but especially to current Million Milers who directed corporate and personal travel exclusively to United Airlines in order to achieve Million Mile status.

Mileage Plus will now be flooded by new "pseudo" Million Milers  - members who did not meet the original program requirement of flying in increments of 1,000,000 base, or actual, United Airlines miles.  That's right, with a single decision, United created many more top-tier frequent fliers who have never even sat on a United (or Continental) plane for 1,000,000 miles - or more.

It means the benefits which were awarded solely on base flight miles to United's most loyal paying customers are significantly devalued as the special benefits have now to be shared among many, many more passengers.

And all this occurred while United was promising nothing would change for their loyal band of Million Mile customers during the merger with Continental.  They promised publicly on the United web site in 2010 thru 2011: "You will continue to receive your benefits as you always have," and they confirmed Million Milers would continue to receive two regional upgrades for life (see shots of this on 

Why should you sign? If United can break these promises to their most loyal customers, promises which clearly generated them a significant amount of money over a long period, what keeps them from breaking promises or changing the program for all Mileage Plus members in the future? 

Mileage Plus Million Mile members have forked over countless thousands of dollars to United to fly the equivalent of over 100 times from New York City to Sydney, Australia, on one airline - United and only United - to enjoy benefits of the lifetime program which has now, in our opinion, been significantly devalued.

We maintain there is a distinct difference between occasional program adjustments and lifetime promises involving base or actual flight miles collected over many years and in some instances decades. United benefited significantly on the basis of these promises and now they have gone back on their word.     

So please help by signing now - we have a voice, we still support United, but let’s demand they find some way make us whole. Flying only United was often not the cheapest, or the most convenient, but UA Mileage Plus loyalists still went out of their way so flights would be put toward their total miles flown. 

We all supported United Airlines year-in year-out, through thick and thin, taking the airline at its word that those hard-won lifetime benefits were for life. So now we say it's time to stand up and be counted.

We believe promises do matter. As world aviation leaders, United should have enough integrity to honor benefits it has promoted as LIFETIME for their most loyal customers. There is a way forward where all can be satisfied, while not hurting airline profitability.  

We are not asking for more or less than we were promised. Please join us, and please help to improve the Mileage Plus program by signing up and showing we want to be heard. Give us and all Mileage Plus members a program with, yes, "changes we are going to like".

Disclaimer: This public forum is not associated in any way with United Airlines, Continental Airlines and the use of terms from the United MileagePlus or Continental OnePass frequent flyer programs are used only in the public domain.

This petition will be capped at 100 signatures and left as a public letter to United Airlines. 

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